Casa De La salle

Casa De La Salle is an educational residence chartered by the Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS) and the New York State Education Department (NYSED). We serve young men ranging from 13 to 21 years of age who due to emotional and behavioral problems have not succeeded in school. The CASA is a great resource for all when other options have not met with success! We provide educational, clinical and residential experiences that are comprehensive as well recreation, independent living skills training and opportunities for vocational skills development.  At the CASA, a young man can benefit from MDP's  structured environment that provides multiple opportunities for growth.

The CASA has a capacity of twenty-four residents and operates on a twelve month basis. Our young men live in the Ozone Park residence and attend classes at the Martin De Porres High School in Rockaway Park. At the high school, our students have a specialized program. It is a "school within a school" that is structured to meet the academic, vocational and socio-emotional needs of each individual. 

At the CASA's residence in Ozone Park, staff members are certified in Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI). TCI is a nationally recognized program and was developed to assist caregivers in the management of youth's behaviors. TCI certification is one example of MDP's commitment to providing students with skilled caretakers who are able to work well with those entrusted to their care. Of equal importance is the fact that staff members focus on the development of caring and nurturing relationships with our students. Positive role models who truly care about their students are a healing force. Since 2008, the CASA has been transforming the lives of young men. We are proud of our work and grateful for the trust placed in us by all.

casa de la salle education program

at the martin deporees high school

At Martin De Porres we believe that all children can learn and our goal is to help students achieve their highest potential. We emphasize the development of those academic, vocational, emotional and social skills that will maximize their ability to be independent and to contribute to the community. We structure the curriculum by creating an appropriate blend of academic, affective, and practical learning experiences. We want every student to build "skills for life".

The educational component of the CASA is located at the Martin De Porres High School in Rockaway Park. The CASA program is a "school within a school"  in that it is housed within the High School.  There, CASA students have access to all the facilities and opportunities contained within larger MDP High School while maintaining the supports needed for success.

Here, students receive mandated services of counseling, speech, occupational therapy and physical therapy if the IEP mandates such services. Educational and cultural field trips are a part of the program and designed to enhance the educational experience. CASA students can also participate in MDP sports teams.

Casa de la salle direct care

Direct care workers interact with our young men all of the time. They are the ones who supervise the student residents and manage behavior. Their primary role is to insure the well being of residents.

Direct care workers are central to meeting the day-to-day needs of our young men. To insure this, direct care workers attend ongoing trainings on behavioral management, interpersonal relationships, adolescent development, mental health, etc. All staff are certified in Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI). This is a nationally recognized program dealing with development and behavioral intervention. Direct care workers report to the Residential Manager who work tirelessly to insure effective maintenance of all of the CASA's residential programs.

It is a hallmark of the CASA that all workers interact with each student and coworker in a respectful and supportive manner. We provide the same care and concern for our residents that we would provide for a family ember. Be assured, the direct care worker maintains a safe, clean, stimulating and healthy environment that is of the highest standards.

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101-25  104th Street
Ozone Park, NY  11416

Phone:  718-850-0191
Fax:  718-850-0192